Technology Platform


Our adopted client server architecture and UNIX operating systems platforms support the open systems concept, which enables execution on multiple hardware and software platforms.

Our software applications are developed on UNIFY VISION, an advance “3-Tier” Graphical User Interface (GUI) based client/server development environment with rapid development and application partitioning technologies that optimises the performance of the hardware platform.

Key features of our software applications :-

  • Open system architecture – Our software can run on UNIX based hardware (Sun Microsystems, IBM, AIX, and Hewlett Packard) and PC based hardware platform (Windows NT and Windows 95/98). This provides the freedom of choice for the best hardware platform for your specific environment.
  • Relational database technology – Our software offers a choice of database storage options and a wide range of client/server versions have been successfully implemented since 1992. The range of choice of database are SYBASE, DB2 (workgroup), UNIFY DataServer, ORACLE or INFORMIX.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) – which enables quick and easy user familiarisation “look and feel” features to improve overall usage productivity.
  • Comprehensive Business Features – which have been developed and supported through years of continuous research and development and continuous refinement and submodule development based on user feedback and requirements.
  • Designed for web-enabled – to offer customers an added advantage in forward business planning in engaging in E-Commerce.
  • Quick to implement and tailorable to users – to provide users with a system capable of managing their operations on a fast track basis.